The Railway Children

The Railway Children @ The Signal Box Theatre York Review

York Theatre Royal’s production of The Railway Children is a truly immersive experience. The play is staged in ‘The Signal Box Theatre’ (a 1,000 seat purpose-built auditorium shipped over from Toronto) at The National Railway Museum which makes it a really engaging and emotive performance. With a train track in the middle of the theatre space the seats are split 50/50 either side with your … Continue reading The Railway Children @ The Signal Box Theatre York Review

1984 Cast

1984 @ York Theatre Royal Review

[Originally published on On:Yorkshire Magazine:] George Orwell’s Ninety-Eighty Four is, undoubtedly, one of the most important and well-known novels of our time. It often appears near the top of ‘Best Novel’ lists and is on many University’s English Literature reading lists – indeed, that is where I first encountered it. Far from an easy book to adapt for stage down to the challenges of introducing … Continue reading 1984 @ York Theatre Royal Review

Robert Burns Attractions

[Originally Posted on] Find out more about Robert Burns’ fascinating life as you explore his former homes and discover captivating collections in museums dedicated to the famous poet. Discover the intriguing life of Scotland’s National Bard, Robert Burns, as you explore the landmarks that inspired his work and museums dedicated to his life. Travel to Ayrshire & Arran and see where the famous Scottish … Continue reading Robert Burns Attractions

Scotland’s Literary Landscape

[Originally posted on] Discover the literary connections of some of Scotland’s breathtaking buildings and beautiful gardens that have inspired famous Scottish authors throughout history. Why not explore some of the landmarks for yourself? One of Scotland’s most famous contemporary authors was heavily influenced by her homeland – J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series. You can see the grand building that was the … Continue reading Scotland’s Literary Landscape

Edinburgh – The City of Literature

[Originally posted on] Edinburgh is renowned for its literary connections and in 2004 it became the world’s first UNESCO City of Literature. The prestigious accolade was awarded to Edinburgh in recognition of its status as a world centre for literature and literary activity. Edinburgh certainly has a rich literary history. Immerse yourself in this world by spending a day exploring sites across Scotland’s capital … Continue reading Edinburgh – The City of Literature

There’s nothing better than a good book

England has a literary history spanning hundreds of years which makes it almost impossible to pick a few authors to give an overview of the wonderful writers the country has to offer. The following authors’ work all stands the test of time and in this modern multimedia age they have all been adapted onto stage and screen which shows how important they are in England’s literary canon. Even though only four out of the hundreds of English authors have been written about in this article they exemplify all that is important in English literature in their works.

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Literary Edinburgh

In this day and age literature is becoming more of a virtual art with most books, past and present, available online and downloadable to iPhones, iPads and a whole array of other devices. You might not know that Edinburgh was the first UNESCO City of Literature and is home to many world-famous novelists, three of which are mentioned in this article. You might be more familiar with Edinburgh’s excellent pubs but did you realise that several of the best drinking establishments are named after classic novels or are featured in modern Scottish fiction. There are also numerous ‘Literary Pub Tours’ to take around Edinburgh to combine these two important aspects of Edinburgh life – beer and books!

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