Japan Nuclear Disaster update

By Emily Glass

[Originally posted on http://edinburghnapiernews.com/2011/03/14/japan-update/ on 14th March 2011]

A second blast at Fukushima Daichii’s nuclear power plant has rocked Japan just three days after the first reactor exploded.

This latest explosion is said to be caused by a hydrogen build-up in reactor 3 and has left 11 people injured, one seriously.

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The Curse of the Courier

By Emily Glass

[Originally posted on http://edinburghnapiernews.com/2010/11/03/17595/ on 3rd November 2010]

Red letter box

Will you be sending your letter to father Christmas this year via email or facebook this year? The ever increasing popularity of social networking sites means that internet communication has overtaken other more traditional forms, resulting in yet more financial trouble for the Royal Mail.

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Is Staying in the New Going Out?

by Emily Glass

[Originally posted on http://edinburghnapiernews.com/2010/11/10/is-staying-in-the-new-going-out/ 10th November 2010]

Recent figures from J Sainsbury Plc show that the British are choosing nights in rather than  going out  in town to have a good night.

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A Facelift for an Old Favourite

By Emily Glass

[Originally posted on edinburghnapiernews.com on 24th November 2010]

The dilapidated old Odeon cinema on Clerk Street, Edinburgh is set for renovation to restore it to its former art deco glory. The New Victoria Project has revealed its detailed plans today for the site if its planned purchase is successful.

The decrepit old Odeon site. Credit The Guardian

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There’s nothing better than a good book

England has a literary history spanning hundreds of years which makes it almost impossible to pick a few authors to give an overview of the wonderful writers the country has to offer. The following authors’ work all stands the test of time and in this modern multimedia age they have all been adapted onto stage and screen which shows how important they are in England’s literary canon. Even though only four out of the hundreds of English authors have been written about in this article they exemplify all that is important in English literature in their works.

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Nowt better than your Mum’s cookingb H

In the UK there is a dizzying array of food from around the world available to the Brits to try. Almost every country from across the globe’s food is sold in restaurants and takeaways across Britain. Even though the British thoroughly enjoy a Chinese or Indian takeaway at the weekends for a treat nothing quite beats the traditional dishes that originate from the four countries that make-up the UK. Even the world-renowned celebrity chefs in the UK have been gravitating back towards traditional British dishes in their cookbooks and television shows, albeit often with a gourmet twist.

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