Edinburgh Napier University’s ‘Buzz’ Magazine

Buzz Magazine

The Edinburgh Napier MA Journalism 2011 class produced Buzz Magazine which was published in April 2011.

I was Features Editor for the magazine and worked hard to produce a professional quality publication with a good range of features and articles which upheld  the Magazine’s ‘mission’.

The Magazine’s supporting website: http://www.buzzmag.org/

The magazine is available online too.

3 thoughts on “Edinburgh Napier University’s ‘Buzz’ Magazine

    1. Thank you. I think all of our hard work paid off to produce a magazine we can be proud of. Unfortunately the name was already chosen for us (which at times led people to believe that it was the Sun’s Buzz magazine!)!! Did you manage to access the magazine through the PDF link, the second link on the article?

      1. Hey! I went through the magazine. It does look like a great issue. Roger Hunt’s account is familiar 😦 The attacks are still not forgotten, they were two of the most terrible days for us, here in Mumbai.

        Oh, and I loved the whole design – not to enthusiastic, but not boring either.

        Good luck with upcoming issues.

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