The Woman in Black

The Woman in Black @ York Theatre Royal Review

[Originally published by On:Yorkshire Magazine:] The fact that I am writing this alone in my house, feeling a teeny bit on edge and wanting to switch as many lights on as possible says something about the frightening success of The Woman in Black production I have just seen! Described as “the most terrifying live theatre experience in the world” I therefore had high hopes for … Continue reading The Woman in Black @ York Theatre Royal Review

Birdsong at Cast, Doncaster

‘Birdsong’ Review

[Originally posted on On:Yorkshire Magazine:] Having once focused on World War One literature for my university dissertation, I was well-acquainted with the story portrayed in Sebastian Faulks’ novel Birdsong and thought I knew what to expect from the theatre adaptation. I was wrong. I was not prepared to be so completely immersed in the story and find myself transported to the middle of the trenches, … Continue reading ‘Birdsong’ Review